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Grants Resource Mgmt Specialist at World Vision

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian, development and advocacy organisation devoted to improving the lives of children, families and their communities around the world. Our almost 37,000 staff members working in nearly 100 countries are united through our ethos, mission and shared desire for all individuals, especially children, to overcome poverty, inequality and injustice.

To generate grant income for WV Germany and partnering World Vision offices in East Africa, to monitor the donor funding environment, engage donors at operational and strategic level, lead and/or support the proposal development process, support in case of project management issues of Germany funded projects and build operational and strategic capacity in grant acquisition and management.


  • Monitor Donor Funding Environment:
  • Identify donor priorities for region & countries.
  • Track funding opportunities & calls for proposals.
  • Identify key donor trends.
  • Strategic Engagement and Communication with both internal and external Stakeholders at operational and strategic level:
  • Develop clear understanding of donor expectations regarding proposal submission & project implementation.
  • Lead/support problem resolution processes.
  • Participate in relevant donor meetings & fora.
  • Effective collaboration and communication with both relevant East Africa Region (EAR) units, Support Offices (SOs), and EURep on resource acquisition and management.
  • Develop and implement a Strategy for effective Donor Relationship Building (pre-positioning):
  • Identify key relationships to strengthen NO positioning and elevate WV’s profile with relevant donors.
  • Work with and through Nationla Offices (NOs) and in collaboration with SOs to maintain strong donor relationships at regional and country level, developing engagement strategies for each donor or a group of donors.
  • In conjunction with relevant communications teams, develop key marketing material about WV to position WV vis-à-vis relevant donors.
  • Build relationships and credibility with relevant donors at the national & regional level, using previous success and documented best practices in grant management.
  • Lead Proposal Development Process (Pre-proposal, Proposal development, Post-submission):
  • Communicate funding opportunities & other relevant information to field offices and other WV partners in simplified manner.
  • Participate in go/no-go decisions.
  • Work with relevant NO/RO teams on project design.
  • Ensure adequate resources (human & financial) are available for quality proposal development.
  • Ensure timely and appropriate communication and coordination of stakeholders throughout the proposal development process.
  • High quality support to proposal writing.
  • Oversee timely submission of high-quality proposals.
  • Ensure adequate post-submission follow-up.
  • Support Project Design Workshops Support Project Development through Coordination and Proposal writing.
  • Build Capacity of Nationla Offices (NOs) to enhance Grant Acquisition & Management (GAM):
  • Help identify NO/RO capacity gaps.
  • Support development & implementation of NO capacity-building plans.
  • Identify or develop capacity-building resources & activities.
  • Establish on-going coaching relationship with key personnel.
  • Grow Grant Income and strengthen GAM Processes:
  • Support NOs in meeting GAM targets.
  • Support NOs in tracking GAM metrics.
  • Support Grant Management for Germany funded Projects and appropriate Systems for sustaining GAM:
  • Support NO pipeline development & management.
  • Support NO planning & budgeting.
  • Ensure NO GAM compliance systems & capacity.
  • Support development & use of tools & procedures to mitigate risk.
  • Support NOs in startup workshops for awarded grants.
  • Support the development & presentation of grants management information to support strategic and operational management decisions.
  • Support donor report development & submission.
  • Identify & communicate key grants management issues that require resolution at higher level.
  • Lead/participate in knowledge transfer/knowledge sharing processes among NOs/RO/SOs.


  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Ability to motivate multi-stakeholder teams and inspire teamwork.
  • Ability to manage donor expectations.
  • Strong budgetary and financial management skills.
  • Strong written and spoken communication in English.
  • Strong interpersonal, negotiation and representational skills.
  • Knowledge of German language.
  • Ability to travel frequently.
  • Cross cultural sensitivity.
  • 3-5 years relevant experience, specifically in writing winning proposals.
  • Significant experience in project management and grant compliance procedures.


  • Master’s Degree
  • Knowledge of German language.

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