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Branch Manager at Lintons Beauty World

Report To: Reconciliation Accountant

Do you have a line management responsibility? Yes

Result Areas

  • Verify and post product/service, quantity at POS.
  • Receive payment by cash, visa/master credit cards, Li gift vouchers, Mpesa ( buy goods and services).
  • Issue receipts, and/or change due to customers and packaging of the products. Issue Etr receipts attached to the sales receipt.
  • Pack customer products, receipts into Li packing bags
  • Maintain clean and orderly checkout counters.
  • Answer customers’ questions, and provide information on procedures or policies.
  • Resolve customer complaints in conjunction with the manager.
  • Collection of client email addresses and phone numbers for use by marketing department.
  • Outlets telephone management, receiving calls, and making sure machines and phones are fully charged.
  • Filling receipts and banks deposit slips.
  • End Month Closing
  • Cash Up Reporting
  • Booking of all therapy services in the customer book before services can be done
  • Inventory Control duties
    • Performance of weekly spot checks by brand
    • Performance of inventory reconciliations
    • Inspection of inventory for expiries, damages as part of spot check

Key Performance Indicators

  • Zero customer returns
  • Zero cash losses.
  • Zero returns due to wrong packaging/billing
  • Zero customer complains
  • Clean counters at all times.
  • Full customer satisfaction
  • Zero complains relating to customer experience/service
  • 90% collection of all customer data
  • Fully charged phones and machines.
  • Receiving and responding to all calls to stores
  • Correct and neat filing.
  • Dispatching documents and files by 1st day of month after
  • Perform cash up reporting at close of every business day.
  • Zero services performed without booking.
  • Zero unposted services.
  • Reduced shrinkage to below 1% of inventory value. Preferably nil losses.
  • Regular reports on inventory status and reconciliation status

Stakeholders (Key receivers of my work)

  1. Finance Manager
  2. Internal Audit Manager
  3. Reconciliation Accountant
  4. Heads of Departments


Knowledge: Computer working knowledge with emphasis on advanced excel.


  • Organizational skills
  • Time Management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Abilities Multi-tasking
  • Target driven
  • Deliver results under tight deadlines
  • Project a professional image
  • Team player


  • Diploma in any Business related course
  • Computer literacy.

Work Experience (Period)

  • 3 years experience



  • Act honestly and with integrity.
  • Show respect for others in the way they conduct themselves.
  • Respect confidentiality.

Competence and Care

  • Carry out work competently and with care.
  • Ensure they have an appropriate level of relevant knowledge and skill to carry out a piece of work.
  • Must continue to develop their knowledge and skills in a manner appropriate for their role


  • Must ensure that your professional judgement is not compromised, and cannot reasonably be seen to be compromised, by bias, conflict of interest, or the undue influence of others.


  • Must comply with all relevant legal, regulatory and professional requirements.
  • Must take reasonable steps to ensure they are not placed in a position where they are unable to comply.

Speaking up

  • Should speak up if they believe, or have reasonable cause to believe, that a course of action is unethical or is unlawful.
  • Must take reasonable steps to ensure users are aware of any substantial issues with a piece of work for which they are responsible or in which they have had significant involvement, if those issues might reasonably influence the decision-making or judgement of users.


  • Communicate in a timely manner, clearly, and in a way that takes into account the users.
  • Show clearly that they take responsibility for their work when communicating with users.

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