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Manager Quality Control & Integrity.Security Standards & Contracts at Kenya Airways

Responsible for development, management and maintenance of the overall Security Quality Control Systems including the development of security standards and procedures to ensure compliance with company policy, regulatory requirements.

Developing, maintaining and supporting Management in the implementation of aviation security systems and processes that uphold the integrity of Kenya Airways as a brand of choice.

Key Accountabilities include;

  • Developing, implementing and maintaining a Quality Control Program for the purpose of determining and monitoring compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Determining the adequacy and effectiveness of the Air Operator Security Program (AOSP/CSP) through audits, tests, surveys and inspections.
  • Conducting regular reviews of the AOSP/CSP in compliance with evolving regulatory requirements, industry standards and best practice, to safeguard against unlawful acts of interference and to mitigate against emerging aviation security threats.
  • Ensuring that contractual agreements with external service providers identify measurable specifications that can be monitored, to ensure requirements that affect the security of Kenya Airways’ operations are being fulfilled by the service provider.
  • Ensuring the protection and integrity of sensitive security information/documents, which shall only be made available to persons on a need-to-know basis.
  • Validating that all persons who are assigned aviation security duties or responsibilities are duly trained and/or certified/qualified to carry out the assigned duties.
  • Liaising with appropriate stakeholders in reviewing the Security Training Program to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Evaluating training and conducting needs assessment for staff involved in the performance of security controls and measures, and monitoring competencies of staff against standards.
  • Ensuring all security incidents/acts of unlawful interference are investigated and resolved with appropriate corrective action plans and enforcing them.
  • Establishing a process for recording, analyzing and maintaining outcomes of quality control activities, in support of Corporate Security’s strategy.
  • Identifying the causes and patterns of non-compliances and verifying that corrective actions have been implemented and sustained through follow-up quality control activities.
  • Bolstering sustainability and continuous improvement by evaluating the security measures through inspections, audits, risk assessment, and surveys, in order to prevent acts of unlawful interference and other criminal activity directed against Kenya Airways’ operations.
  • Conducting regular risk-based or event-driven security surveys that identify needs and weaknesses of the AOSP/CSP, including operational security procedures and infrastructure.
  • Ensuring that the Quality Control Coordinators carrying out quality control activities; security audits, tests, surveys and inspections are accorded support to carry out those tasks, and to conduct follow-ups.
  • Liaising with appropriate stakeholders for the efficient and effective implementation of up-to-date procedures and job instructions for Security operations network-wide and providing necessary guidance and advisory support.
  • Providing guidance in the preparation for quality assurance audits and external audits by the Regulator and other applicable authorities namely KCAA, DfT, TSA, EU and all States of service (CAAs).
  • Ensuring timely closure of any audit findings.


  • University degree or relevant professional qualification.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in similar/ related role; experience in airline industry will be an added advantage.
  • Knowledge of Security Management Systems, Quality Management Systems and Document Management
  • Experience in Threat & Risk Management
  • Aviation Security Management will be an added advantage
  • Experience in Security Investigations
  • Undergone Train the Trainer course

Desired Skills and Behavioral competencies

  • IT proficiency
  • Communication skills
  • Corporate Business Leadership skills
  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • Experience in Management of Security Operations
  • Experience in Conducting Quality Audits
  • Experience in Documentation of Procedures
  • Good interpersonal relations
  • High integrity
  • Analytical
  • Team player

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