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Grants and Compliance Officer at Faith to Action Network

Faith to Action Network is a global interfaith Network of faith organizations committed to improve family health and wellbeing. The Network promotes dialogue, builds the technical and financial capacity of faith organizations and religious institutions and facilitates sustained joint advocacy and programming in support of family health and wellbeing. It supports families to have increased access to information and quality services on family planning and reproductive health consistent with their faith. The Network has members of diverse geographical reach and faiths, a functional secretariat, currently hosted by DSW (Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung) in Nairobi, Steering Council and Advisory Council. It also has over 250 organizations that have endorsed the Interfaith Declaration referenced as evidence of support by faiths organisations for family health and wellbeing. The Network promotes tolerance and respect of diverse faiths and values.

Purpose of the role

The Grants and compliance officer role will strengthen partner policies and financial management processes to ensure that resources are used more effectively, efficiently, and equitably. The successful candidate will ensure full compliance with donor rules and requirements, and that the implementation of projects aligns with organizations set standards and policies.

S/He will be responsible for donor financial reporting timeliness, quality, and accuracy, ensuring that the financial reporting is in line with the program activities and that the program budget is expended in line with the donor requirements and expectations.

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