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Clerk Of The County Assembly at Kisumu County Assembly


Functions of the Clerk

  • Implementing the resolutions of the County Assembly Service Board to ensure the Members and Staff are properly facilitated to discharge their mandates at the County Assembly;
  • Overseeing smooth and efficient operation of Select Committees;
    • Provision of information and research for the Speaker and Members;
    • Ensuring production of accurate record of the House Business/ form of Votes and Proceedings;
    • Marshalling all decisions arrived at by the County Assembly, preparing and producing them pursuant to specified format set out in the Constitution of Kenya, the statutes, the Standing Orders, Precedents, the traditions and practices;
    • Ensuring timely processing and orderly disposal of the agenda of the County Assembly also known as Orders of the Day.


    • The Administrative head of the County Assembly;
    • The Accounting Officer / Authorized Officer for the County Assembly;
    • Secretary to the County Assembly Service Board of Kisumu;
    • Responsible for implementation of all policy decisions of the County Assembly Service Board;
    • Responsible for Enhancing Public understanding and knowledge of the work of the County Assembly and increasing Public accessibility;
    • The Principal Advisor on all legislative procedures, practices , conventions and traditions to the Speaker of the County Assembly, other presiding Officers and to all Honorable Members of the County Assembly;
    • The Chief Advisor to the Speaker in the exercise of all powers and functions that belong to the Speaker and through the Speaker, to the House. He acts under authority and takes decisions in the name of the Speaker. Orders passed by the Clerk are the Orders in the name of the Speaker, and the latter accepts full responsibility for those orders;
    • Responsible for marshalling all Legislative measures passed by the County Assembly.sxf


    Pursuant to the provisions of section 12 of the County Governments Act and the County Assembly Services Act, a person shall not be qualified for appointment as a Clerk of the County Assembly unless such person:

    • Should be a Kenyan
    • Has had at least 7 years of relevant professional
    • Holds a degree in social science, political science, law from a university recognized in Kenya or its
    • Meets the requirements of Leadership and Integrity set out in Chapter 6 of the Constitution of Kenya
    • Must have undertaken strategic and Development leadership(SLDP) from Kenya School of Government

    The following qualifications will be an added advantage;

    • Served in, and shown proven and enduring flair for parliamentary/ County Assembly procedures and practice, and have wide experience on the role, functions and operation of a legislature through exhaustive service in relevant spheres of a legislative
    • A master’s degree in relevant discipline from a university recognized in Kenya or its equivalent.
    • Priority will be given to those who are working within the County Government of Kisumu

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