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Director of Corporate Services at Africa Nazarene University

Africa Nazarene University (ANU) is an accredited Private Christian University sponsored by the Church of Nazarene International, which follows the Wesleyan Holiness Tradition. It integrates faith with learning to produce well rounded individuals who are able to meet challenges of their times.

Applications are invited from qualified professionals to fill the following position;

Supporting the Office of the VC in providing leadership across the University. At its core, the position of Director Corporate Services allows the Vice Chancellor to scale, giving her/him back most important resource; time. The Director of Corporate Services operates at a tactical, strategic and operational level, often handling the oversight of projects that do not neatly fit within the organizational chart or [that] fall between departments or leaders’ areas of responsibility. Specifically, the purpose of the function is to:

  • Ensure that the VC/CEO is always working on the most important items for the university
  • Help complete priority items for the VC to an appropriate level of quality
    • Keep the Vice-Chancellor accountable for commitments, while helping keep reports accountable for new ideas and proposals
    • Keeping the Vice-Chancellor accessible and open to new ideas and proposals
    • Managing, advising, and orchestrating all internal and external communications events and relations aimed at effective communication and creation of a favorable corporate image among the University’s stakeholders
  • Responsibilities

    Direct Support of the Vice-Chancellor

    • Setting the VC’s strategic priorities: Helping a leader identify the areas where they must direct their focus and identifying metrics for success. Revisiting regularly and evaluating progress.

    • Strategically managing the VC’s time: working with the VC’s Personal Assistant, looking at long term travel calendar, evaluating opportunities and determining fit with priorities.

    • Meeting preparation and follow up: reviewing upcoming meetings for the week to ensure the VC has all of the information needed to be as productive as possible and sending out agendas or documents to meeting attendees as necessary.

    • Reviewing Internal and External Communications: drafting company newsletters, reports, pitch decks, speeches or presentations for the VC.

    • Monitoring information flow: Sometimes acting as a gatekeeper, ensuring the VC’s involvement in a project or decision- making process at the right moment.
    • Planning and leading company retreats, step backs, and other special events

    Strategic Initiatives/Project Management

    • Identifying and taking on ad hoc strategic projects (for example, executing key initiatives or closing any operational gaps)

    • Defining and researching new ideas and business opportunities• Building out a new business unit

  • Providing decision support through data gathering, information analyzing, and presenting considerations to relevant stakeholders
    • Overseeing large, often cross-functional organization-wide projects or initiatives.

    • Bring together multiple stakeholders and help drive decisions.

    • Researching, benchmarking, analyzing data, and making recommendations.
    • Creating systems and processes to streamline operations

    • Pulling together and managing project teams that require input from multiple areas within the company


    • Designing and executing a corporate communication strategy

    • Drafting speeches and presentations

    • Acting as the University’s spokesperson

    Public Relations

    • Vetting speaking opportunities and interview requests

    Human Resources

    • Overseeing diversity and culture initiatives

    • Aligning internal processes
    • Creating and maintaining cross-departmental relationships to enable leadership success
    • Serving as strategic advisor and counsel to leaders

    • Assuming day-to-day responsibility for projects and tasks


    • Serving as a trusted advisor and confidant to the Vice-Chancellor


    • Attending meetings in place of the VC

    • Making decisions in place of the Vice-Chancellor

    Relationship Management

    • Managing critical relationships on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor


    • Assessing all inquiries directed to the VC and determining the proper course of action

    • Determining which meetings take priority

    • Vetting requests for time and routing requests to other departments as appropriate

    Personal administration to the Executive:

    • Manage personal relationships of the Vice Chancellor with senior external stakeholders (calls, correspondence, meetings, visitors…). Maintain the stakeholder relationship database accordingly.
    • Coordinate sensitive issues upon request of the Vice-Chancellor.
    • Assist the Vice-Chancellor as appropriate to prepare and edit communications, mails, letters, presentations and other documents (particularly ppt).

    Administration of the Board of Directors:

    • Support the Vice-Chancellor to organize the Council and Board meetings.
    • Organize overall logistics support for Council and Board meetings: event preparation, document gathering.
    • Prepare Management Board meetings and support as appropriate sub committees of the Management Board.
    • Liaise with relevant heads/directors in charge of agenda items to ensure timely delivery of content and preparation of decisions.

    Job Dimensions:
    I. Financial Responsibility:
    • Departmental budget
    • CSR Budget
    II. Working Conditions:
    • Works predominantly within a comfortable office environment

    • Master’s degree in a relevant field
    Professional Qualifications / Membership to professional bodies
    • Relevant professional qualification
    • Member of a relevant professional body
    Work experience required.
    • Minimum of ten (10) years of relevant experience, with at least three (3) years in a Senior managerial position
    Skills and Competencies:
    • Executive disposition, and demonstrate high levels of integrity
    • Ability to develop long term integrated and cross-functional operational plans
    • Ability to operationalise strategy into action for the function
    • Ability to sell the vision of the university

    • Business/Financial acumen, business savvy, innovative
    • Strategic management skills
    • Communication skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Public Relations Skills
    • Organising and planning skills

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