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Optometrist at Port Florence Community Hospital

Optometrists are medical professionals with the core responsibility of performing eye examinations to check for vision problems and diseases and based on the results, prescribe eyeglasses, contact lenses or offer other appropriate advice while maintaining high standards of care.


  • Provide outpatient care for patients with eye-related disorders and conditions
  • Conduct routine eye examinations, including visual field tests
  • Determine each patient’s visual acuity, field of vision and hand-eye coordination
  • Take detailed medical histories for all patients, including current and past prescription.
  • Evaluate eye-related symptoms, such as discharge, redness and inflammation
  • Prescribe corrective lenses when required
  • Refer patients to when required for more holistic eye care
  • Identify eye health safety factors that could impact vision, such as working around chemicals or in front of a computer
  • Advise patients about proper eye hygiene and care
  • Review and update Standard Operating Procedures and Policies for the Eye clinic department
  • Review and update budget for Eye clinic department.


  • Holds a Degree / Diploma in Optometry from a recognized institution
  • Licensed Optometrist
  • Knowledge and experience in the use of advanced optical equipment.
  • Wide knowledge of the health industry
  • Good public relations and communication skills.
  • Proven work experience of at least 2 years in a similar position.

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