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Ongoing Recruitment at African Population and Health Research Centre (February, 2020 Recommended Jobs)

APHRC is a leading pan-African research institution headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, that conducts high quality policy-relevant research on population, health, education, urbanization and related development issues across Africa.

1. Communications Officer

Job Summary

Qualifications and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Public Relations or related field;
  • 5 years of post-qualification work experience in communications and public relations in an international organization;
  • Knowledge of graphic design and desktop publishing, including Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe or Corel suites;
  • Visual media skills including use of still and video camera; ability to develop video storyboards and basic editing;
  • Proficiency in MS Office, content management systems and social media platforms;
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written;
  • Proficiency in French will be an advantage.


Advocacy, Research and Knowledge Management

  • Maintain institutional contacts with civil society sub-grantees;
  • Develop and design policy briefs, fact sheets and other advocacy collateral in cooperation with IAI’s network of civil society;
  • Follow immunization policy discussions and political priorities whilst sharing the information with the IAI network;
  • Research on innovative methods to monitor policy influence and keep track of progress made by the country networks through their advocacy efforts;
  • Coordinate meetings and workshops for civil society and other relevant stakeholders at regional level; and
  • Organize and facilitate events- training workshops and stakeholder meetings.


  • Ensure consistency of IAI’s communication tools in accordance with the branding guidelines and national advocacy strategies. These include the website, publications and newsletters;
  • Coordinate input and develop content for the IAI webpage in collaboration with civil society organizations;
  • Develop and manage a quarterly IAI newsletter to partners and publications;
  • Update internal staff on project activities through the weekly bulletin; and
  • Manage media relations- drafting media articles, interviews and facilitating media visits.


  • Maintain appropriate records-electronic and paper- on IAI activities; and
  • Conduct monitoring and impact evaluation of advocacy and communications activities.

2. Consultancy for APHRC Board Assessment

Job Summary

Skills and Qualifications:
APHRC is seeking an experienced consulting firm or individual (with a strong preference for a firm, but open to considering individuals with exceptional qualifications) with demonstrated experience conducting board assessments, especially for not-for-profit international organizations. The consulting firm should present a highly skilled and experienced team and a lead consultant with the following:

  • At least 10 years demonstrated experience in institutional governance matters;
  • Strong planning, management, facilitation, interpersonal, and communications skills; and
  • Currently or previously holding a senior leadership position that requires interacting with boards would be an added advantage.


Strategic:  to ensure that the Center has objectives, programs and plans that are consistent with the broad goals and objectives for which it was established.
Executive: to ensure that the Center is managed effectively by the Executive Director in harmony with the agreed objectives, programs and budgets, and in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements;
Financial: to ensure that the future well‑being of the Center is not jeopardized through exposure of its financial resources, its staff or its credibility to imprudent risks.
The Board functions chiefly through Committees that propose resolutions, changes, or approvals to the full Board.  The Chair of the Board serves as an ex-officio member in all Committees, each of which has at least three other members.  Currently, the Board has five Committees:

  • Executive Committee – acts on behalf of the Board and plays an advisory role to the Board in matters relating to budget and finance and the Executive Director’s recruitment and performance. The Committee also handles sensitive matters that are better suited for a smaller group.
  • Finance and Risk Management Committee – assists the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities relating to the accounting, investment, internal controls, audit, and reporting practices of the Center.
  • Human Resources Committee – reviews APHRC’s personnel policies and procedures, the organizational structure, and remuneration.
  • Nominations and Governance Committee – advises the Board on nominations of new members, re-election of first-term members, nominations of Board Chair, Deputy Chair, and the Chairs and members of Board committees, among others. It is also responsible for establishing and regularly reviewing governance policies and procedures.
  • Development and Fundraising Committee – provides oversight and counsel on fundraising; approves annual fundraising goals and objectives; and leads or supports efforts to cultivate new supporters, retain existing funders, and re-engage previous supporters of the Center, among other roles.

3. Internship Opportunities

The African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) is an international non-profit, non- governmental organization that carries out high quality, policy-relevant research on population, health and education issues facing sub-Saharan Africa. The Center currently has three internship opportunities for a period of 3-6 months starting from April 2020. The internships provide an opportunity for postgraduate students to develop a deep appreciation of various elements of research through attachment in a highly active research environment.


  • Under the guidance of an assigned supervisor, set project goals, create an action and implementation-to-completion plan of action;
  • Coordinate with research unit/project to determine research objectives;
  • Provide periodic project updates and reports;
  • Contribute to policy engagement;
  • Present in at least one Brown bag presentation during the internship period;
  • Submit a final report one week before the end of the internship; and
  • Submit an internship feedback form.


  • Copies of academic certificates;
  • A letter of recommendation showcasing your suitability for the internship;
  • From the list below, specify your preferred top two projects. More details on the projects are in the APHRC website.
  • Evaluating a service model for management of hypertension and diabetes among low and middle- income patients enrolled on M-TIBA in Nairobi, Kenya;
  • Changing Food Systems in Kenya and Malawi and the Challenge of Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance;
  • Right to Food under the Maternal and Child Wellbeing;
  • Quality of post-abortion care project in Burkina Faso, Kenya and Nigeria; and
  • Mapping scholarship and scholars on aging in sub-Saharan Africa.

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