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Business Development Manager F4AK at Heifer International

Heifer International’s mission is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth. Dan West was a farmer from the American Midwest and member of the Church of the Brethren who went to the front lines of the Spanish Civil War as an aid worker. His mission was to provide relief, but he soon discovered the meager single cup of milk rationed to the weary refugees once a day was not enough. And then he had a thought: What if they had not a cup, but a cow? That “teach a man to fish” philosophy is what drove West to found Heifer International. And now, nearly 70 years later, that philosophy still inspires our work to end world hunger and poverty throughout the world once and for all. HOW IT WORKS We empower families to turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity – but our approach is more than just giving them a handout. Heifer links communities and helps bring sustainable agriculture and commerce to areas with a long history of poverty. Our animals provide partners with both food and reliable income, as agricultural products such as milk, eggs and honey can be traded or sold at market. When many families gain this new sustainable income, it brings new opportunities for building schools, creating agricultural cooperatives, forming community savings and funding small businesses.

Job Summary

The Business Development Manager, under the overall guidance of the Project Coordinator, will provide overall leadership in designing and implementing appropriate interventions within the project with the objective of developing the 5 producer organizations in the Food for All Project (F4APK) into strong and profitable farmer business organizations and entities. This will be achieved through capacity building of the organizations in business planning and financial management, development of management structures and systems, the provision of business advisory services and the development of key marketing and financial linkages in financial services, input services and strong partnerships with both public and private organizations. The interventions to be led by the Business Development Manager seek to increase the overall level of competitiveness of the dairy production business within the 5 farmer producer organizations.

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Business Management, Rural Development, Animal production with post-graduate diploma or experience in Business Management or a related field is required.
  • Experience implementing activities in large, complex projects in challenging environments.
  • Minimum (5) five years of field and technical experience working on agribusiness development projects.
  • Significant experience in building public/private partnerships, preferably in the dairy sector.


Business Development (30%)

  • Undertake capacity assessment and due diligence for farmer business organizations
  • Support producer organizations to develop/Implementation of the business plans, strategic plans and financial and human resource management systems
  • Capacity Building of Farmer business organizations through training in business, financial management and governance
  • Analysis and conducting of feasibility to assess and develop new business, investment, and financing options
  • Provide advice and assistance in the establishment and maintenance of business and financial records keeping systems
  • Develop business models clearly showing the value proposition of Hubs to members and how it will leverage the opportunities in the production and market environments


  • Develop an 18 Month action plan based on the capacity assessment report for the 5 Dairy cooperative
  • Technical assistance and mentorship provided to the 5 farmer-based on a quarterly basis s through research, advisory and visits and training sessions
  • Facilitate the development of business planning guidelines and the development/implementation of business plans, strategic plans, and financial management systems for 5 producer organizations based on the infrastructural development
  • Capacity Building plans developed for all 5 farmer producer organizations and their implementation updated and reviewed on a quarterly basis
  • 5 producer organizations with established financial and business records systems that provide management with the key information to govern business operations by the end of the second year of project implementation
  • 5 producer organizations achieve the targeted growth in hub member mobilization numbers-based project and hub membership targets by the end of the second year of the project implementation

Cooperative Governance and Management (30%)

  • Provide support in the operationalization of the value addition infrastructure, cooling systems, and centers
  • Facilitate the transformation of producer organizations (POs) into formal dairy collective enterprises that will stimulate dairy production
  • Assist to develop guidelines for the formation, management, and governance of cooperatives/Hubs/Producer groups
  • Coordinate and build up linkages and networks with the appropriate government Cooperative Office and other organizations, as required


  • 5 producer organizations market structures for milk aggregation and value-added products reviewed and action points developed
  • All the producer organizations operating as dairy collective producer organization and cooperatives by the end of the project
  • The project has strong linkages with the government cooperative offices in all the 4 counties and all the 5 producer organizations are compliant with cooperative guidelines and formal requirements by the end of the project implementation

Capacity development (30%)

  • Design, develop and deliver business management training packages/modules, in liaison with other relevant project staff, based on the capacity assessment report
  • Develop capacity building and operationalization of the business and marketing plans of the producer organizations/Hubs through joint planning, monitoring
  • Facilitate the capacity building of the Cooperative/union governing board and management in effective and efficient decision making, financial management, human resource management, operation and strategic planning and implementation, conflict management and democratic governance
  • Support the Producer Organizations to put in place and implement efficient financial management systems and build their capacity in all aspects of financial management


  • An operational and module-based business training package that integrates the experience of 5 cooperatives and in use within the first 3 months
  • Continuously review the capacity assessment deliverables using the Scope Insight methodology and LINK methodologies in the project
  • Annual capacity development plans are developed overall for the project every year and their implementation reviewed and monitored on a quarterly basis
  • 5 producer organizations with effective governing boards with the capacity to provide strategic management and vision for the organizations in financial management, human resource management, operations, strategic implementation, and conflict management
  • 5 producer organizations with efficient and effective financial management systems by the end of the first year of project implementation

Collaboration towards a common goal (5%)

  • With the Enterprise Development manager, develop the business hubs of the cooperatives with backward and forward linkages into the total value chain
  • Incorporate within the framework of the project, potential ‘win-win’ business opportunities which can attract different value chain actors to engage in transactional relationships with the farmer producer organizations and develop a platform for the achieving these partnerships
  • Work in close coordination with the relevant project staff on quality assurance and control for all livestock-based products for processing, packaging, marketing, and distribution


  • The 5 producer organizations develop a strong platform for engaging with the value chain actors in transactional relationships
  • Close coordination and collaboration with Country Office Enterprise Development Manager, Training Manager, and Animal Wellbeing Manager to deliver quality training through the annual capacity building plans
  • The 5 Producer Organizations achieve and maintain high-quality standards for their produce including milk and have effective systems for daily quality monitoring
  • Collect, Collate and analysis the 5 cooperative revenues and expenditures on a monthly basis using standard data collection tools

Any other duties as assigned by the supervisor (5%)

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