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CI/CD – Software Engineer at Cellulant Corporation

Cellulant is a digital payments business. We run an ecosystem of consumers, merchants and banks in which we facilitate payments and build value through the value-added services we layer on top. In building this ecosystem we serve different types of customers with different products, in a range that includes mobile banking products, mobile credit products, USSD, SMS, and digital content. We are currently serving merchants and banks across 10 countries, and a wide set of industries

To do this we are looking for qualified, passionate, dynamic, and vibrant people to drive our strategy and agenda.

Job Summary:

The Software Engineer is responsible for the automation of all manual tasks for the building and deployment of both software and data in order to enable continuous integration and continuous deployment delivery workflows.

He/She will work with other team members on best practices for developing and maintaining best in class business’s ci/cd pipelines built with industry leading technology.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide detailed specifications for proposed solutions including materials, manpower and time necessary
  • Analyze current technology utilized within the company and develop steps and processes to improve and expand upon them
  • Assist other department engineers in creating practical demonstrations of proposed solutions and demonstrating them to other members of the team
  • Carries out research on new use cases, bugs, issues, platform architecture, stack changes in various industry segments.
  • Monitors and analyzes product performance, converts data into meaningful business insights and make recommendations to stakeholders for improvisation
  • Work closely with the engineering teams to design, schedule and deliver in an agile environment.
  • Provide clear goals for all areas of a project and develop steps to oversee their timely execution.

Qualifications for the role

  • 4+ years of professional experience as a Software Engineer or DevOps Engineer or Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)
  • Experience and working knowledge of programming languages java or go or python
  • Current understanding of best practices regarding software design and system security measures
  • Experience working together with teams from several departments to facilitate the orderly execution of a proposed project plan
  • Professional experience and a high-level understanding of working with various operating systems and their implications
  • Comfortable with command line tools (Bash, Powershell,)
  • Familiar with agile software development lifecycles
  • Knowledge of best practices and IT operations for always-up, always-available services

Major experience bonus point:

  • Docker / container cluster management (AWS ECS, Kubernetes, Vagrant, OpenShift, Apache Mesos, Deis, Mesophere DCOS,)
  • Docker / Microservice release orchestration including Blue Green Deployments and Canary Releases
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery software release management and automation
  • Managing infrastructure on Amazon AWS

Minor experience bonus:

  • MS SQL and/or MySQL administration / optimization
  • NoSQL and caching tools such as MemCache / Redis
  • GIT / Source Control tools (i.e., GitHub, Bit Bucket, TFS, )
  • Automation / configuration management using either Puppet, Chef or equivalent

Key Relationships:

  • Infrastructure team
  • Security team
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Engineering

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