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Performance Specialist at Telkom Kenya

Our Roots Telkom Kenya was established as a telecommunications operator under the Companies Act in April 1999. We provide integrated communications solutions in Kenya with the widest range of voice and data services as well as network facilities for residential and business customers. We are proud to play a prominent role in the information and communications technology sector, serving millions of Kenyans across the country. Our Wings Telkom Kenya’s partnership with Orange S.A (formerly France Telecom Group), saw the launch of the Orange brand in Kenya in 2008. Our new corporate identity is inspired by new investments and a fresh new approach to doing business. This is the beginning of an exciting journey, a journey we invite all Kenyans to be part of.

Reporting to       Director Transformation & Performance

Band:                        3

Department:        Transformation

Role Purpose

To lead the development and execution of driving strategy driven performance across the entire organization. Alignment and driving, performance management is the key activity and set of processes that aim to maintain and improve employee performance in line with an organization’s objectives.

To develop, articulate, and drive a system of performance from the CEO all the way down the new employee of Telkom to ensure our strategic objectives match our performance culture.

Working For Us, We Expect You To:

  • Development a mechanism for tracking financial targets specifically for Revenue, Gross Margin, OPEX, EBITDA for the overall company and all business units
  • Evaluates the financial aspects of products, pricing, budgets, expenditures, research and development appropriations, and return-on-investment and profit-loss projections
  • Ensure the fiscal health, efficiency and effectiveness of the company strategy implementation
  • Co-create with various functions at Telkom the ability to create visible performance tracking and operational efficiencies
  • Ensure business processes are aligned to the company’s strategy direction
  • Identify the needs for processes to be created and continuously improved to support the direction of the organization
  • Provide Leadership with the insights of day to day performance management
  • Ensure senior management is well equipped with the knowledge of the impacts projects and initiatives have within the company

Key Accountabilities

  • Develop efficient systems for collection information on performance
  • Gathering and analysing cross-functional performance data
  • Presenting statistical performance analysis and recommending solutions
  • Design and review policies related to employee performance
  • Lead, develop and inspire teams
  • Provide training and development to managers on best practices
  • Identify, report, and resolve workplace or interpersonal barriers to performance
  • Setting performance objectives and updating as necessary

Academic background & Professional Knowledge:

  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree in Business
  • 4 years’ experience in operations management/ project management
  • Telecommunications Sector Experience
  • Experience in customer data management and field visit experience to understand the day-to-day operations of the business.
  • Good understanding of accounting/financial standards and principles and ability to resolve basic financial and accounting problems
  • Ability to write comprehensive reports and communicate effectively with all levels of Telkom Kenya staff
  • Ability to establish policies, priorities to manage and evaluate projects
  • Very good knowledge and presentation skills using and other relevant software (for the purpose of analysing data and producing reports)
  • Product development for performance management

Here Are The Skills We Are Looking For:

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Strong determination to succeed
  • Appetite for innovation and continuous improvement
  • Proven ability to think outside of the norm and present new ways of getting things done (innovation)
  • Proven track record of being a team player
  • Project management skills
  • Product and business development skills
  • Ability to perform relevant data analysis to drive the business toward success
  • Strong experience with data analysis
  • Statistical knowledge is a huge plus
  • Communication and relationship building skills

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