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Regional Team Lead at International Finance Corporation

IFC—a sister organization of the World Bank and member of the World Bank Group—is the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in emerging markets. We work in more than 100 countries, using our capital, expertise, and influence to create markets and opportunities in developing countries. In fiscal year 2019, we invested more than $19 billion in private companies and financial institutions in developing countries, leveraging the power of the private sector to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity. For more information, visit

The Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Advice and Solutions Department (CEG) Regional Team Lead: Financial Intermediary (FI) Investment (RTLFI) is a senior specialist function whose primary role is to support the CEG Regional Manager deliver the region’s work program. The RTLFI role entails three complementary but distinct accountabilities which are:

(i) Environmental and Social (E&S) Risk Management, as the senior E&S resource in the region for FI investment, providing regional FI portfolio level E&S quality assurance support, and project level support throughout the project cycle.

(ii) Performance oversight, mentoring and career development for the region’s FI-mapped E&S staff, in alignment with World Bank Group Managerial Competencies, and oversight of Short Term Consultants (STCs).

(iii) Contribute to regional leadership of CEG’s ESG Advisory practice, in collaboration with Regional Lead ESG Advisory Services (RLAS), Regional Team Lead Direct Investment (RTLDI) and the Regional Lead Corporate Governance (RLCG) lead.

The RTLFI position resides within a management matrix. As such, the position requires proactive communication with: (i) Regional and Industry departments’ (Financial Institutions Group and Private Equity Funds) new business and portfolio management teams; (ii) within CEG, with the RTLDI, the Global FI Sector Lead, the Chief Environmental Specialist, CEG project teams, RLAS and RLCG; and (iii) E&S Policy and Risk Department (CES) Risk Officers, especially for defined High Risk and Watch List pipeline and portfolio projects. 

The RTLFI reports to the CEG Regional Manager.

Duties and Accountabilities: 

E&S Risk Management for FI Investment – New Business

• Undertake or delegate to another E&S specialist  (while retaining accountability for) CEG’s project Early Review, contextual risk screening and provision of E&S input to the PDS-Concept for FI investment projects as described by the CEG Environmental and Social Review Procedure (ESRP), and the Draft Procedures for Consultation and Interim Application describing the roles and interface of CEG and CES, and successor procedures.

• For mandated transactions, participate with the E&S project team, and for High Risk Projects the CES Risk Officer, in pre-appraisal check-in meetings.

• Actively support specialists with their regional FI project E&S due diligence (ESDD): review and comment upon all appraisal assessments and disclosure documents to ensure quality control and consistency and provide ESDD and disclosure clearance for regional projects. 

• Provide regional support to the IFC Board process, (reviewing board reports and responses to Executive Directors’ questions prepared by the project Lead Environmental and Social Specialist (LESS) and attending board meetings as needed. 

• Support business development in collaboration with regionally based industry or business development managers, by providing advice and staffing necessary resources, particularly when pre-mandate pre-appraisal site visits are necessary.

E&S Risk Management for FI Investment – Portfolio

• Manage development and delivery of the annual Site Supervision Visits (SSV) program of regional FI investment portfolio monitoring, in liaison with E&S specialists, the regional industry portfolio management team and as needed the CES Risk Officers. 

• With support from the E&S specialists and sector leads, maintain and report on regional high- risk list FI projects and portfolio E&S performance. Actively manage specialists’ oversight of high-risk FI portfolio projects. In liaison with CES Risk Officers as necessary, review proposed project-level E&S risk rating (ESRR) downgrades and upgrades. 

• Liaise with Regional Industry portfolio managers regularly about portfolio trends, complex/high risk issues in the portfolio, progress with ESRR 3-4 projects.

• Prepare and present quarterly regional portfolio reviews within CEG and represent CEG at regional portfolio review meetings.

• Review key documents and provide clearance in accordance with ESRP (e.g. SSV Back to Office Reports, Annual E&S Reports and Enhanced Project Supervision Reports), involving Risk Officers as needed for high risk or ESSR 3-4 projects.

E&S Risk Management for FI Investment – General Issues

• Actively support the CEG Regional Manager in communication and engagement with FIG and Private Equity Funds regional management.

• Liaise regularly with other RTLFIs to ensure consistency across regions in the application of CEG’s E&S requirements for all product types. 

a) Disseminate and advise on established global client requirements to regional FI-investment new business and portfolio teams. 

b) Advise specialists on consistent practice and quality in processing and documentation of E&S risk management. 

• As needed, support regional E&S specialists in client negotiation, and support and clear E&S specialists’ regional response to the Independent Evaluation Group and Compliance Advisor Ombudsman reports.

• Identification of regional/country specific trends related to E&S issues and relationship management with the Industry Departments.

• Lead E&S input to selected high risk, complex or strategic project appraisal and supervision, liaising as needed with the other RTLFIs on matters of precedent and global consistency.

E&S Risk Management – Advisory Services and Upstream

• Undertake or delegate to another E&S specialist a review of implementation plans and/or supervision documents with identified elevated E&S risks, as described by the ESRP and AS Governance Procedure.

• Support regional upstream teams on FI-related activities; coordinate input into upstream projects with Regional Upstream Operations Officer

Staff and STC Management and Development:

As delegated by the CEG Regional Manager, the RTLFI will;

• Oversee and coordinate the work of FI-mapped E&S staff and STCs in the region. 

• Act as ePerformance Supervisor for FI-investment focused E&S staff. Assist direct reports in developing performance objectives.  

• Ensure timely and adequate staffing of E&S specialists to projects. While the overarching priority is to staff “the right team for the right deal,” RTLFIs in coordination with other RTLFIs, and the Regional Manager, as required, should assign staff to transactions in a manner that provides development opportunities for more junior staff while requiring that more senior staff are appropriately stretched and actively mentoring junior staff.

• Provide specific feedback to the CEG Regional Manager on operational performance for each staff, to be used in departmental-level performance and talent reviews.

• Assist with recruitment and onboarding of new CEG employees and consultants (including developing TORs, identifying candidates, interviewing, and checking references).

• Manage process of identifying, contracting, training and supervising deliverables from regionally based consultants with the support of both global and regional colleagues.

• Support the manager in team building and good coordination and collaboration among the regional specialists and consultants

Input into Regional ESG Advisory Activities:

The RTLFI will collaborate with the ESG Regional Advisory Lead, the RTLDI and the CG Lead to identify opportunities for ESG advisory in the region and ensure technical quality assurance. This will include;

• Timely identification of pipeline and portfolio clients that could be considered for AS support. 

• Identification of systematic issues experienced by clients or at the market level hindering the development and implementation of effective ESG risk management practices that could be addressed through AS support. 

• Reviewing (or delegating as appropriate to subject matter specialists) and providing feedback on AS work products, including project documents, client assessments or proposals, training curricula, reports, etc.

• Active and consistent communication across the matrix, at both the pipeline, project, portfolio and strategic levels.


• Actively participate in CEG Team Lead meetings and hold regular regional team meetings that are focused on communicating information (information from the Team Leads and Industry Departments meetings, potential pipeline, technical industry information, etc.), identifying best practice, implementation of new tools and approaches, driving consistency of practice with the Performance Standards and ESRP and conveying lessons learned through Quality Assurance reviews.

• Represent CEG and IFC, as appropriate, in relevant regional internal/external public forums as needed by the Regional Manager.

• Provide capacity building support to CEG specialists and industry departments, as well as IFC clients

• Assist CEG in achieving IFC corporate initiatives, as agreed with CEG management.

Selection Criteria

• Advanced degree (Masters or PhD) in science, engineering or other relevant discipline(s);

• Minimum of ten years of relevant E&S risk management experience with at least five years of working with financial intermediaries;

• Knowledge of IFC’s Sustainability Framework and Performance Standards;

• Confident decision maker, balancing speed and thoroughness when there is uncertainty.  Knows when to act, seek support or escalate decision making. Candid, does the right thing;

• Effective team leader, successful delegator, setter of clear expectations, facilitates team members’ success, comfortable feedback provider;

• Influential, within and across departments, able to use logical argument to sustain otherwise difficult positions;

• Open to constructive feedback from all levels, seeks multiple views; and

• Supportive leader, with an ability to provide culturally sensitive and effective feedback and identify strengths and growth opportunities in colleagues.

Poverty has no borders, neither does excellence. We succeed because of our differences and we continuously search for qualified individuals with diverse backgrounds from around the globe.

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