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Employer Partnerships and Alumni Coordinator at Hatua Network

In Kenya, and across the continent, today’s youth bulge is a unique opportunity for economic growth and development. Hatua Network is a community organization working to simultaneously address the needs of youth and employers, thereby strengthening the supply and demand sides of Mombasa’s employment market. 

We do so by providing top performing students from low income families with scholarships, mentoring, career guidance and access to career opportunities. These programs enable youth to develop the character, values, skills and networks they need to successfully contribute to and benefit from Kenya’s growing economy.

Our transformative, interlocking programs support youth over a period of 10 years, through high-school mentoring focused on soft skill, leadership development programs for secondary graduates, one-on-one professional career coaching for university students, and career linkages and workplace skills for our tertiary graduates. Throughout we work closely with the private sector to source for mentors and career opportunities for our youth, while ensuring our programs prepare youth with the skills and character traits employers seek.

To date we are serving 560 young people, including 470 of whom we are currently sponsoring and mentoring through secondary and tertiary education, and 90 who have completed college or university. Of those who graduated more than 1 year ago 93% are working, earning an average income that is 3X the combined average income of their parents. This is a total transformation from poverty to professional careers.

About the role

We provide access to education, but completing a university degree doesn’t always guarantee that students successfully transition into the workplace. As the Employer Partnerships and Alumni Coordinator, you will support our alumni in securing employment opportunities in industries they are interested in, and have been trained to work in. You will cultivate relationships and referral opportunities with employers and by positioning Hatua Network alumni as a high quality talent pool for employers across the country, you will help build a large, strong and diverse network of companies eager to hire them. You will also supervise career coaching for alumni by managing the alumni officer to ensure they have the job search skills to succeed in the application process. 

Over the years, you will help build a thriving network of alumni, who succeed in their careers, life and communities, and who are deeply committed to Hatua Network and give back to future generations of youth.

Who we are looking for

  • You are highly passionate about advancing the social sector and you have a strong interest in youth empowerment and workforce development. You are excited by the thought of supporting young people towards great careers.
  • Sales and Partnership Building:
    • You have past results in pitching an idea, product or service to organizations and nurturing the relationships required to make the idea come to live
    • You have relationship building skills and past results growing partnerships over time 
    • Strong networking skills and ability to open doors
    • You are confident, persuasive and able to pitch the value of our students to potential employers. 
    • The idea of networking with professionals and HR departments in different industries is energizing to you.  Existing networks with employers is a plus.
  • You have strong managerial skills and a track record of supporting a direct report to achieve their goals.
  • You have experience rolling out a new program, service or product. You are action-oriented and develop creative and practical strategies to implement new ideas to deliver the desired results.
  • You have at least five to seven years of total work experience with clear results relevant to this role, for example in either youth employability, sales, partnerships, marketing, recruitment or HR.
  • You have strong project management skill and mindset and proven ability to organize your own workload with diverse priorities.
  • You track data with attention to detail and draw insights that inform the strategy of your work. 
  • Experience in providing career guidance and a having strong understanding of the challenges facing entry level job seekers is an added advantage.

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