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Field Specialist – Child Protection (National Position) at Handicap International – Humanity & Inclusion

MANDATE In Kenya, Handicap International works to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities and advance their rights with a special focus on refugee-related issues. Working in Kenya since 1992, Handicap International currently employs 80 local staff and three expatriates. BACKGROUND Despite the post-electoral violence of 2007-2008, Kenya has largely maintained its internal stability and its predominant role in East Africa. However, the situation of disabled and vulnerable people is still fragile and many services need to be provided, such as education, preventative care, and protection against sexual violence. The country also has an enormous population of refugees, largely from Somalia and South Sudan. This vulnerable population, especially those with disabilities, has enormous needs in terms of food, healthcare, and other basic services.

Under the responsibility of the Country Manager He /she contributes to the implementation of the mandate and the 10-year strategy of Humanity & Inclusion. He/she ensures optimal quality and impact of the project implemented in the country, through a delegation system with appropriate control mechanisms. He/she shares with the managers the responsibility of a sound management and successful functioning of the organization, through paradigm changes.

Responsibilities :

  • Expertise
  • 1.1 Contributes to the country strategy in line with the global strategies
  • 1.2 Ensures technical support to the project in line with the global technical frameworks and standards in the child protection sectorial scope
  • a. Provides adequate technical guidance and support to Project Managers when relevant (adapt standards to PM’s tools, contribute to proposal writing and reporting) in line with strategies, standards and mandatory transversal approaches
  • b. Ensures adequate support to multi-sector responses within projects, in collaboration with the other specialists
  • 1.3 Ensures technical learning from projects
  • 1.4 Ensures the control & monitoring of the technical quality and the relevance of HI’s activities in the country
  • 1.5 Ensures compliance of the technical proposition with nexus stakes
  • 1.6 Contributes to the development of research and innovation projects in the country when relevant, in his/her sectorial scope
  • 2. Influence
  • Contribute to the local external prestige and influence of HI’s expertise in his sectorial scope
  • a. Represent the technical expertise of HI throughout the local relevant networks
  • 3. Business development
  • Ensure the development of major opportunities or new projects in the country under his/her sectorial scopE
  • a. Contributes to the design and writing of new projects in the country and when asked in other countries within the Geographic Division
  • 4. Management and supervision of staff under his/her line management
  • 5. Respect of HI identity, rules and policies

Professional skills required:-

  • At least a University Degree in Social Sciences or management discipline or its equivalent
  • At least 5 years of experience of working in a similar position
  • Knowledge of the disability sector is an added advantage
  • Sound working knowledge in both, child protection and inclusion of persons/children with disabilities

Technical Competencies

  • International human rights frameworks
  • Frameworks and mechanisms of international development cooperation and humanitarian assistance
  • Strategies for fighting exclusion and discrimination
  • The technical issues concerning his/her service sector, and the stakeholders and professionals in his/her service sector

Know-How (practices)

  • Producing written and oral institutional communication in English
  • Negotiating and managing problems and conflicts
  • Establishing clear frameworks, rules and limits
  • Adapting leadership to the group to lead it towards a shared objective;
  • Developing new resources or adapting existing
  • Using different pedagogical models
  • Some knowledge of training engineering

Interpersonal skills (attitudes)

  • Audacious (shows initiative/entrepreneurial)
  • Good reaction capacity
  • Working as part of a team/network, cooperating
  • Respect for the opinion and enhancement of the skills of others with a view to shared action
  • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Empathy
  • Resilience to stress and uncertainty

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