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Managing Director at Kenya National Trading Corporation (KNTC)

Kenya National Trading Corporation – KNTC was set up in 1965 as a private limited company owned by the Government. The main objective was to organise and effect exports from and imports into Kenya. KNTC could do business with countries where trading was controlled by the Government on an equal footing and thus strengthen private enterprise with other countries. But the corporation’s major function was to remove imbalances in the commercial life of Kenya by encouraging the small African businessman to enter the field of` trade.

Job Title : Managing Director
Job Grade : KNTC 1
Reporting to : Board of Directors
Supervises : General Managers, Divisional Heads
Working Relationships : Board of Directors, General Managers, Divisional Heads,All staff, External stakeholders.

Job Profile:

The incumbent shall be responsible to the Board of Directors for the day to day management and administration of all the activities and affairs of the Corporation.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring implementation of the Board of Directors’ decisions;
  • Overseeing the development, implementation and review of the Corporation’s long term strategies, business plans, annual operating budgets;
  • Providing leadership and strategic direction (formulation, implementation and evaluation) in accordance with the Corporation’s vision, mission, goals and standards;
  • Ensuring that all financial and non-financial resources of the Corporation are effectively and efficiently managed;
  • Maintaining financial controls, prudent procedures, adequate records, and accountability standards that meet requirements of state corporations, the funding partners and other collaborating agencies;
  • (vi) Providing strategic leadership in Corporation’s programme, work and operations;
  • Ensuring close partner and collaborative relationships between the Corporation and government or private sector;
  • Fast track the implementation of the staff and the corporate performance Contract;
  • Provide advice to the Board on all matters related to commercial activities, the emerging trends and new market ventures;
  • Facilitating marketing functions;
  • Ensuring KNTC complies with relevant legislations;
  • Ensuring continual improvement in the quality and value of services and products provided by the Corporation;
  • Fostering a corporate culture that promotes implementation of ethical and good corporate governance practices.
  • Providing effective links between the Corporation and stakeholders locally as well as internationally;
  • Serve as the link between the Board of Directors and the members of staff;
  • Being the Corporation’s accounting officer for all matters appertaining to running of the affairs of the Corporation;
  • Transacting, managing and making decisions which may be necessary in the conduct of Corporation’s business; and
  • Directing, managing and developing staff including: hiring, orientation, training, counseling and evaluation and support them in their professional and personal development and approve termination from the Corporation’s service.

Person Specifications:

For appointment to this grade, an officer must have:

  • A minimum period of fifteen (15) years work experience in a busy commercial environment.
  • At least six (6) years relevant work experience in Senior Management.
  • Bachelors Degree in any of the following disciplines: – Business Administration, Commerce, Marketing, Human Resource, Public Relations, Economics, Finance or equivalent qualification from a recognized Institution;
  • Masters Degree in any of the following disciplines: – Business Administration, Commerce, Marketing, Human Resource, Public Relations, Economics, Finance or equivalent qualification from a recognized Institution;
  • Be a member of a professional body where applicable;
  • Certificate in Leadership Course lasting not less than four (4) weeks from a recognized Institution;
  • Proficiency in computer applications;
  • Demonstrated managerial, administrative, and professional competence in work performance and results; and
  • Fulfill the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution;
  • Exhibited a thorough understanding of public sector institutions, national goals, policies, objectives and ability to relate them to proper management of KNTC Function.

Key Competencies and skills:

In addition, an officer must demonstrate;-

  • Strategic in mindset with an eye for detail and sense of corporate focus
  • Transformational manager with energy and creativity to turn around the organization and positively impact the stakeholders
  • Exposure to high level institutional partnership, collaboration and networking roles
  • Experience in competitive set ups with significant distribution and stock costing
  • Good administrative and coordination skills
  • Ability to manage and sustain high cost center performance, compliance and performance standards
  • Familiarity with Government financial, operational and development plans and vision 2030
  • Understanding of trade policies and regulations in a trading environment
  • Business development skills
  • Interpersonal, Communication, Negotiation and Analytical skills;
  • Pro-activeness and ability to work under pressure;
  • Managerial, supervisory and Leadership skills;
  • Decision making and problem solving skills;
  • Professionalism; Ethical and Team skills.

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