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Academic Writers at Research Brisk is a platform offering different research, academics, and article writing solutions. Here at, we are determined to develop a very robust team that will be handling our clients with the utmost professionalism. We believe in making our customers happy as the best strategy to market our platform. A Happy Customer translates to more customers. We have the following vacancies. NB. All recruited individuals will be working from home or their places of convenience so anyone can apply irrespective of their physical location

We are insinuating to recruit a team of devoted academic writers who will be handling assignments received from multiple sources in the UK and the US. The writers will be expected to complete different assignments and discussions based on the given instructions. Skilled writers will be assigned to different clients undertaking module classes such that the writer will be expected to handle all assignments from the start of a class to the end. We are looking for diversity as all the topics including History, Literature, Business, Economics, Math, Statistics, Biology, Accounting, and English, among others are available.


  • Each Writer is expected to have a laptop, a desktop or a smartphone.
  • The writer is also expected to have a good network connection for seamless downloading and uploading of assignments.
  • Experience in academic writing is an added advantage. However, those who are interested but have never done academic writing before will be trained.
  • Undergraduates (College and University) students are encouraged to apply.


  • The writer is expected to meet the deadline as agreed before committing to handle an assignment.
  • If a writer is unable to complete the assignment they had already committed to, they are expected to immediately contact support so that a different writer can be assigned the work.
  • Allowances will be given for assignments with short deadlines.
  • For a standard paper (for example, an essay), the payment is $3.5 per page (Ksh. per 350). A standard page in academic writing is 275 words irrespective of the font and spacing.
  • For non-word assignments (lab reports, discussions, article review, statistics, accounting, etc), payment is open to negotiation.
  • Writers will be required to follow instructions as given. Revisions are to be handled by the writers as requested by the clients.
  • If a client does not pay for an assignment due to plagiarism, the writer will not be compensated. But, if the client does not pay for an assignment that was not plagiarized, the writer will be paid.
  • Payments will be processed 2 times per week.
  • If the paper is fully paid, the writer is not allowed to post it anywhere else, be it Course hero or Chegg.
  • Originality is demanded hence writers should keep away from copying papers from Course hero and similar sites unless authorized by the Project manager to do so.
  • Pay on Delivery (PODs) will be available but an agreement has to be made between the writer and the support’s project manager.

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